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''Four Star Playhouse'' - The Squeeze

Published 1953

An episode of "Four Star Playhouse" starring Dick Powell as "Dante", a nightclub owner. They made about 8 episodes featuring that character. Originally aired 1 October 1953 (according to IMDb).

Run time 25 minutes 40 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: porterville - - March 5, 2013
Subject: Dick Powell Is Great Playing Willie Dante
This 60 year old television program is great - the plot is laced with some dry humor with good acting from Dick Powell and supporting cast. This is the second of the reported eight half hour shows with Dick Powell playing Willie Dante that I have viewed.
Reviewer: grimmfo - - July 28, 2012
Subject: Four Star Playhouse - The Squeeze
Written by Blake Edwards
Directed by Robert Aldrich
Both at the beginning of their careers
What's not to like?